Internal Audit


The Internal Audit is a very vital unit under the Rectory department of the institution. The unit is as old as the institution itself. The institution became autonomous in October 1992 and since then, the Internal Audit has evolved together with it into a greater heights under various Heads of Internal Audit/Chief Internal Auditors and other Audit staffers.

Currently, the unit is headed by a seasoned Accountant cum Administrator in person of Mr Sunday Ademola Afolabi (CNA) who took over the mantle of leadership From Mrs Janet Bola Adedayo after her retirement in the year 2016.

The Internal Audit Unit performs the major role of ensuring that every financial transaction of the institution is done in accordance with the extant financial regulations and guidelines and offer necessary Audit Advice that will guide the management in making critical decisions in the course of the general administration of the institution.

The unit is sub divided into five (5) sections under the general leadership of the amiable Chief Internal Auditor (CIA), Mr Sunday Ademola Afolabi. The sub units are: 1. General Administration Section 2. Regular Programmes Section 3. Part -Time Programmes Section 4. Expenditure Section 5. Advances Section. These sub units are headed by capable hands.


1. Advising the management in the course of the general administration of the institution.
2. Monitoring of capital projects on campus.
3. Monitoring and ensuring prompt payment of taxes to appropriate tax agencies.
4. Monitoring of the institution's expenditures.
5. Monitoring of all revenues coming into the institution to ensure they are properly accounted for.
6. Sighting all items purchased by the institution to ensure strict compliance with procurement standards.
7. Checking and passing payment vouchers.
8. Ensuring strict compliance with the existing internal control system.
9. Monitoring of central as well as departmental stores to ensure that items of store are safely kept.
10. Ensuring compliance with all government laid down rules and regulations guiding financial transactions.
11. Ascertaining the adequacy of the existing internal control and making adjustments to it from time to time to accommodate current control system realities.
12. Issuance of Audit Queries to requests that fail to comply with extant rules guiding financial transactions in government establishments.


1. Mr Afolabi Sunday A. (Chief Internal Auditor)
2. Mrs Ogunsola Abiola O. (Chief Auditor)
3. Mrs BOLARINWA Taibat S. (Assistant Chief Internal Auditor)
4. Mrs Adedapo Modinat D. (Senior Accountant)
5. Mr Okunola Olatunji A. (Assistant Chief Executive Officer)
6. Mr Ayanlola Ayansola M. (Assistant Chief Executive Officer)
7. Mr Akinlade Tunde (Assistant Chief Executive Officer)
8. Miss Afolayan Rebecca F. (Assistant Chief Executive Officer)
9. Mr Akingbade Charles (Principal Executive Officer 1)
10. Mr Oyekunle Ganiyu O. (Principal Executive Officer 1)
11. Mrs Emmanuel Olaitan R. (Senior Executive Officer)
12. Mrs Adelowotan Titilola K. (Assistant Chief Secretarial Assistant)
13. Miss Adesina Omowumi O. (Assistant Executive Officer)

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