The Registry Department is headed by the Registrar who is responsible for day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Polytechnic. He is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Institution. He is responsible to the Rector for smooth administration of the Polytechnic. He is the Secretary to the Council and the Board of Studies respectively.

The name of the Current Registrar is Mr. Busari Morufu Salawu, Esq. BA. Ed (HONS) M.A (Ife) LLB (HONS) LLM, B.L, ACI Arb, MNIM

The Registry Department comprises of the following divisions:
(i) Academic Affairs Division
(ii) Personnel Affairs Division
(iii) Student Affairs Division
(iv) Council Affairs Division
Each of the divisions has several units controlled by unit heads who are responsible to the Registrar.

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